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Single TX or RX CFPx and QSFP28

EOPTOLINK (SZ: 300502), the leading high end transceiver manufacture in China, has released customized (single TX and single RX) 100G transceiver series for 100GBASE Ethernet and OUT4 28G applications.

EOLQ-161HG-T : single TX QSFP28 LR4
EOLC-161HG-T : single TX CFP LR4
EOLC-161HG-CT : single TX CFP2 LR4
EOLC-161HG-ST : single TX CFP4 LR4
EOLQ-161HG-R : single RX QSFP28 LR4.
EOLC-161HG-R : single RX CFP LR4.
EOLC-161HG-CR : single RX CFP2 LR4.
EOLC-161HG-SR : single RX CFP4 LR4.

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