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become a partnerEoptolink is proud to work with partners delivering the Power of Optical Transceivers industry to the marketplace. We manufacture and market reliable Transceivers around the world through telecom equipment distributors & dealers, System Integrators, VAR, solution providers and manufacturing accounts we are dealing with.

Please, take this chance and become our partner. You will realize a significant return on investment with the improved efficiency of your businesses.

What products Eoptolink offers to Partner

  • Eoptolink standardized transceivers
  • Eoptolink customized transceivers
  • OEM/ODM transceivers
  • Automatic testing solution for transceivers manufactures in other countries.

VALUE for partners: We are developing an attractive, innovative and superior channel partner program. It ensures you make your successful business with us and responds to your needs as if they were our own.

Why partner with Eoptolink? : We provide you with more than just transceivers: When you decide to work with Eoptolink, you are not just adding another product to your existing portfolio. Eoptolink extends your value with innovative total solution and customized product, good service. We understand that how important to help our partners maximize their margins on new sales. Eoptolink provides our partners with value added technical & marketing training and support, practice tools and business cases.

Flexibility to suit different business models: Eoptolink concerns about who you are and what you need. Whatever you are great telecom company, experienced equipment vendor, rich resource dealer or newcomer with nothing, you can find your way to work with Eoptolink . Eoptolink has very flexible partner programs to suit anybody.

We can make our partners get more profits: In the similar quality products, we offer our partners the best price; In the same price, we offer our partners the best products and support.


Quality: Eoptolink says quality is our life. As a professional transceiver manufacturer, we have an experienced R&D team, which has more than 10 years experience in transceiver technology industry. We understand what our customers need for transceiver successful promotion and application in their products. Strict quality assurance system and large-scale modern production facilities have given Eoptolink Technologies strong industrial support for it to meet customers' quality demands.

Confidence working with us: Eoptolink constantly looks ahead to anticipate tomorrow's design challenges, not only in terms of technology and products, but also in the need for world-class customer engineering and design support. Eoptolink’s highly-trained engineers provide the basis for both design and service excellence that gives confidence to our partners. Our partners have the most advanced products and timely support that helps them to get any chance on their markets, no matter how difficult this project is.

Dedicated Account Management: To ensure the safety and high efficiency of our cooperation, we will assign your dedicated account, a sales manager and technician who will work with you throughout the project cycle.

Technical Support

  • Dedicated senior technical engineer works for you 24h, 7 days, 365 days
  • Free education in our lab for our partner’s engineers.
  • Access to free technical files
  • Monthly technical newsletter sent via E-mail
  • Free datasheet, manual and firmware update
  • Transceiver customization for any projects and applications.

Sales and Marketing Support

  • Access to share the market information with Eoptolink
  • Assistance at trade show
  • Assistance to create advertising or PR materials
  • Notification of new product in advance before launching to market
  • Efficient support in special projects where very special terms are needed.


Combining our extensive design and engineering capability in optical transceiver industry, with our competitive advantages from integrated manufacturing capability, internal supply chain, and cost competitive and scalable operation infrastructure, Eoptolink provides OEM, ODM, and contract manufacturing service to world leading customers with our manufacturing facilities in China.

We understand the importance of customers' intellectual property, and IP protection is always a critical element in Eoptolink's OEM, ODM, and contract manufacturing services. We provide IP protection by implementing electronic security system, document filing, and dedicated manufacturing space, engineers, and management.

Extensive Manufacturing Platforms: With many years of engineering experience & process development, and more than 300 engineers working on assembly and packaging of optics, mechanics, electronics, photonic materials and lasers, Eoptolink provides the extensive capabilities to further improve the performance, throughput, yield, and drive to the most competitive manufacturing solutions.

Internal Vertical Supply Chain Enabling Competitive Cost: Eoptolink manufactures and supplies the comprehensive BOM materials from the internal and local supply chains, and share with customers the significant advantages of material cost down.

Scalable and High Volume Capability & Capacity
: With abundant skillful labor force and strong engineering team, Eoptolink has proven the production scalability and established reputation for fast and smooth production ramp-up.

Successful Tracking Records on Transceiver Manufacturing: Eoptolink has been serving photonic product contract manufacturing for leading industrial companies for years, which are great success for our customers and Eoptolink.

Flexible Cooperation Model

  • Joint Production Line
  • Co-Invested by Customer and Eopotolink
  • Exclusive Manufacturing Projects and Dedicated Production Lines.

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