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DWDM 100G 10x10 CFP


Eoptolink’s 100G metro DWDM CFP transceiver offers an industry-leading cost optimized solution for metro 100G DWDM transport.


  • DWDM 100Gbps Transceiver
  • Pluggable CFP module – compliant to existing CFP blade design
  • 10x10 MSA standard compliant
  • C-band, 4 bands each 100G
  • Up to 1600 ps/nm dispersion tolerance
  • Up to 40km or 80km reach (with no external DCF and no external Optical Amplifier)


  • Router interconnect
  • Mesh, Ring and Point to point
  • 100G client extension
  • Low-cost / higher density 100G line interface
  • High density 10 x 10G
  • Metro and Dataenter connections

Ordering Information

Part No. Data Rate Fiber Distance Interface Temp. DDMI
EOLC-161HG-80-A/B/C/DY* 100Gbps SMF 80km LC Standard Yes
EOLC-161HG-40-A/B/C/DY* 100Gbps SMF 40km LC Standard Yes

 Note1: A/B/C/D refers to DWDM Group

Code DWDM Group
A ITU C52-C61
B ITU C41-C50
C ITU C30-C39
D ITU C19-C28


Responding to the call by end-users and equipment manufacturers, the 10X10 MSA is established to deliver the industry’s lowest cost 100GbE solution over single-mode fiber.

The 10X10 MSA is defining a new price and performance trajectory for 100GbE that will significantly accelerate the adoption and economics of 100G deployments.

The 10X10 MSA group is backed by a robust ecosystem of end-users, system manufacturers and optical module suppliers including Google, Brocade, JDSU and Santur.

DWDM CFP inside:


Wavelenght grid for DWDM CFP 10x10


DWDM CFP 10x10 advantages