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QSFP+ AOCEoptolink QSFP  Active Optical Cable (AOC) EOLQ-8540G-PCT-XX and EOLQ-8540G-PCT-XX*-1  is a high performance integrated cable for short-range multi-lane data communication and interconnect applications. It integrates four data lanes in each direction with 40 Gbps aggregate bandwidth. Each lane can operate at 10 Gbps with lengths ranging from one to 100 m. These Active Optical Cables utilize multimode fiber using a nominal wavelength of 850nm. The electrical interface uses a 38-contact edge type connector. Eoptolink is producing QSFP+ to QSFP+ AOC and QSFP+ to FOUR SFP+ AOC.



  • Full Duplex 4 Channel 850nm Parallel Active Optical Cable
  • Supports transmission rates up to 14 Gbit/s per channel
  • QSFP-based modules at each cable end
  • QSFP interfaces fully compliant to SFF- 8436
  • Hot pluggable electrical interfaces
  • QSFP-based module supports Rx Pre-Emphasis
  • EEPROM-based Serial-ID, accessible through two-wire Serial Interface
  • Multi-channel 850nm VCSEL array
  • Multi-channel PIN-detector array
  • Helix type 8-fiber Multi-Mode Optical cable that allows for bending in any direction
  • Low power QSFP module: 0.8 Watts (typ.) per end
  • 0°C to +70°C operating case temperature
  • Laser Class 1 IEC/CDRH compliant


  •  InfiniBand QDR (4 x 10G), DDR (4 x 5G) and SDR (4 x 2.5G) interconnects
  •  High Performance and High Productivity computer interconnects
  •  Data Aggregation, Backplane and Proprietary Density Applications
  •  PCI-Express, SAS/SATA, Fibre Channel compatible interconnect
  •  Datacom and Telecom switch and router backplane connections

Ordering information

Package Part No. Fiber Type Aggregate Data Rate Wavelength Distance Connector DDM Application
QSFP+ EOLQ-8540G-PCT-XX* MMF 40G 850nm 1m to 100m AOC D 40GBASE-SR4
QSFP+ EOLQ-8556G-PCT-XX* MMF 40G 850nm 1m to 100m AOC D 56GBASE-SR4
QSFP+ to 4*SFP+ EOLQ-8540G-PCT-XX*-1 MMF 40G 850nm 1m to 100m AOC D 40GBASE-SR4

*Length measured OM3 fiber. XX denotes the AOC length with unit meter. For example, 01 denotes 1m, 02 denote 2m … 99 denote 99m and 1H denotes 100m


Active Optical Cable (AOCs) extremely low power consumption, improves overall data center power consumption and thermal efficiency. AOC’s use single mode silicon photonics (SiPh) to enable long transmitting on single mode ribbon fiber. AOC pigtails (QSFP+ to MPO) allow for easy plug in to installed SM structured cabling, thus eliminating the need to pull the AOC through long distances.

AOCs reduced cable bulk compared to larger diameter copper cabling enable deployment of additional ports for increased number of AOCs per system, resulting in more connectivity options and total system cost savings. Optical pluggable QSFP+ MTP† cable assemblies are available in 12-fiber 3.00mm round cable and a robust 4.50mm round cable. 

Advantages of Active Optical Cables (AOC) Compare to Copper Twinax Cables

  • Longer reach
  • Bit Error Rate (BER) 1000 times better than copper cables
  • Lower weight and tighter bend radius enable simpler cable management
  • Thinner cable allows better airflow for cooling
  • Lower power consumption
  • No need for power-hungry conditioning ICs on the host board

Advantages of Active Optical Cables (AOC) Compare to Optical Transceivers

  • Datacenter/Consumer friendly:
  • No cleanliness issues in optical connector
  • Cost-optimized:
  • Not constrained by optical interface specifications driven by longer reach applications

Disadvantage: Cannot be routed through optical patch panels

QSFP inside