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Tunable Board XFP SFP+

Tunable Board XFP SFP+Eoptolink Tunable Board is used to tune tunable dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM) XFP or tunable DWDM SFP+ pluggable transceivers and lock the channel so the transceiver can be used as a fixed channel DWDM solution, another application is to change EEPROM of the transceiver. This test board allows network operators to reduce the sparing requirements for fixed channel DWDM networks, as well as, instantly turn up a new DWDM circuit. Telecom and Datacom providers can place Tunable Boards at each of their sparing facilities. By inventorying a board and ONE tunable XFF or tunable SFP+ transceiver at these locations, operators can completely eliminate the need to spare an XFP for each and every channel.


Used with Tunable DWDM XFP , Tunable DWDM SFP+ and common XFP and SFP+ modules for EEPROM changing.

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